Hong Kong, 28 July, 2021 – Global EMS provider Season Group’s full-stack IoT subsidiary SG Wireless Limited (“SG Wireless”) is pleased to announce its partnership with Compathnion Technology Limited (“Compathnion”), a local start-up well known for its location tracking and geofencing technology, to provide a complete asset tracking solution with zonal accuracy for a variety of applications.

The two companies first collaborated in researching a home quarantine solution using an electronic wristband. Since then, the pair have set their sights on widening the scope of possible applications and solidified their partnership model into a ready-to-use asset tracking solution for resource optimization in both commercial and public situations, from office buildings to warehouses, from hospitals to hotels. The manpower and time that would have been used to manage such resources can be better allocated to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Integrating long-range sensing devices and indoor location tracking algorithms, data collected from the devices is processed and visualized on a user-friendly interface that pinpoints an asset’s location with guaranteed accuracy within a 3-meter radius. This solution is already in deployment at a local hospital to track medical assets, with visible results in improving patient care at reduced administration costs.

On this partnership, Dr. Ken Wong, Global Chief Technology Officer of SG Wireless said, “Here at Season Group and SG Wireless, we design and manufacture products that improve the world’s living standards. This partnership not only highlights our long-held vision, it also broadens the range and elevates the level of services we can offer to the world.”

Mr. Arthur Chan, CEO of Compathnion echoes the sentiment, “We are always thinking how we can deploy our technology application to fulfill evolving society and business needs in Hong Kong, China, and other parts of the world.”

The asset tracking solution is enabled via a simple plug-and-go Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit for immediate deployment and easy proof-of-concept, now available at https://www.sgwireless.com/product/Indoor-Asset-Tracking-Solution-Kit .


IoT-focused Subsidiary SG Wireless Partners with Location Tracking Expert Compathnion to Provide a Complete, Ready-to-Use Asset Tracking Solution





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SG Wireless is a full-stack IoT solutions provider launched in 2019 by Hong Kong-based Electronics Manufacturer Services (EMS) provider Season Group, to assist customers in taking their IoT concepts to a finished product. With global manufacturing capabilities and the senior leadership team’s extensive wireless experience, SG Wireless is the only IoT provider offering design, development, manufacturing and everything in between.

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Compathnion provides indoor positioning technology, site surveys, SDK toolkits, Content Management Platform, and analytics services using different big data, artificial intelligence and edge computing technologies. Compathnion aims to bring revolutionary improvement to all businesses using path-breaking technologies, and collaborates with clients in innovative ways to unlock business potential using their expertise in indoor positioning.

Website: https://www.compathnion.com/