Hong Kong, 16 Sep, 2021 – Season Group, an international electronics design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider, is proud to announce that its two Hong Kong-based constituents, Season Components Co Ltd. and SG Wireless Ltd. are Charter Signatories of the Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Employers (“Charter”).

Launched in 2018 by the Equal Opportunities Commission (“EOC”) of Hong Kong, the Charter forms part of the EOC’s mission of promoting equal opportunities for every individual, in all aspects of public life including employment. Specifically, the Charter aims to ensure equal employment opportunities for racial minorities in Hong Kong.

As a global company found in 5 locations across 3 continents, employing over 1,500 employees from various social and cultural backgrounds, Season Group is proud to be a signatory of the local Charter to show its support for equal employment practices. Season Group has always placed employee welfare at the forefront and is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This spirit of equality and openness is reflected in all people management processes. From recruitment, promotions & employee development, compensations, handling of grievances & suggestions, and all the way to contract terminations, Season Group safeguards the absence of workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, age, marital status, race, color, religion, nationality or disability, or any other protected status under local laws.

Having received the Charter certificates on 16 Sep 2021, our CEO Mr. Carl Hung states, “We are a strong believer that the workplace should be an open and inclusive setting, and our diverse global team proves that we thrive together because of our differences. We all have our different strengths and we are stronger when we embrace our differences equally.”

Going forward, Season Group will provide staff training to promote company-wide understanding of equal work opportunities and diversity, as well as conduct regular reviews of relevant internal practices. The Charter’s guidelines will be referenced to enhance the culture of open and honest discussions within the company. Season Group continues to live by its core values of ‘be[ing] kind’, ‘be[ing] open’, and ‘do[ing] what’s right’.