COVID-19 Situation Summary 

  • Situation in Mainland China: The total number of confirmed cases has accumulated to 80,409, including 52,045 discharged cases and 3,012 death cases*. The number of new infections has continued to drop.
  • Season China Operation
    • No infected cases have been reported among the Season employees to date.
    • With about 90% of its workforce returned to work, the Season China site is resuming normal operation.
  • Other Global Operations of Season:
    • Outside mainland China, at least 13,981 infected cases were reported in a total of 79 countries/territories (excluding 706 cases confirmed among passengers/crews on a cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan). Korea, Italy and Iran have become areas with active community transmission of COVID-19, with the number of confirmed cases accumulated to 5,766, 3,089 and 2,922 respectively*.
    • No infected case have been reported by Season’s operations in Malaysia, Mexico, UK & US to date.
  • Season will continue to provide further updates as necessary, and do our utmost to minimize the impact to your business.

* Based on the report of The Center of Health Protection under the Department of Health of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as at 9am, 5 Mar 2020.