COVID-19 Situation Summary 

  • Worldwide Situation:
    • 1,889,107# confirmed cases were reported in a total of 215 countries/territories, including at least 120,122 fatal cases*.
    • The pandemic is expected to have devastating impact on the global economy. The Oxford Economics predicts that the global GDP will fall by 2.8% for 2020. The severity of the coronavirus shock is likely to lead to a permanent output loss for the global economy.
    • The Season global procurement team continues to monitor the supply chain and operations to ensure business continuity, while our sales and customer service teams continue to monitor our customers’ orders and work with any customers impacted by delays due to the pandemic.
  • Update on Season China Operation:
    • The site has returned to full capacity since the end of March.
  • Update on Season’s Global Operations Outside Mainland China:
    • Malaysia: The Season Penang site has received approval from the government to resume operation commencing 16 Apr. The operation has suspended operation since mid March when the country announced the nationwide Movement Control Order.
    • Mexico: The Season Reynosa site has suspended manufacturing operation starting from 7 Apr following the government’s declaration of a national public health emergency. The exact date for resumption of operation pending negotiation with the state government.
    • UK: The operation of the Season Havant site has been suspended since 27 Mar. The scheduled date for resumption of operation is 20 Apr.
    • US: The Season US site continues to operate. Safety measures have been implemented at the workplace to mitigate risks of infection.
  • No infected cases have been recorded across all Season’s operations to date.

* Based on the report of The Center of Health Protection under the Department of Health of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as at 10am, 15 Apr 2020.

# Excluding 712 cases confirmed among passengers/crews on a cruise (including 12 fatal cases).