Hong Kong, 24 March, 2021 – Season Group (“Season”), an international electronics design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it’s facility in China, Season China (“SDK”) has attained the GS1 China Membership License (“License”). Valid as of 8th Feb 2021, the License permits SDK to produce GS1 Identification Keys, or barcodes, that are internationally recognized and provide high levels of supply-chain visibility.

GS1 is an international non-profit organization which aims to facilitate international business communication by creating and maintaining global standards for it. With the License, SDK can henceforth produce the full spectrum of GS1 ID keys that each correlate to specific supply-chain related information (as shown in the table below).

ID Key Type of Identification Examples
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Products and services Can of soup, chocolate bar, music album
Global Location Number (GLN) Parties and locations Companies, warehouses, factories, stores
Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) Logistics units Unit loads on pallets, roll cages, parcels
Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI) Returnable assets Pallet cases, crates, totes
Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI) Assets Medical, manufacturing, transport and IT equipment
Global Service Relation Number (GSRN) Service provider and recipient relationships Loyalty scheme members, doctors at a hospital, library member
Global Document Type Identified (GDTI) Documents Tax demands, shipment forms, driving licenses
Global Identification Number for Consignment (GINC) Consignments Logistics units transported together in an ocean container
Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN) Shipments Logistics units delivered to a customer together
Global Coupon Number (GCN) Coupons Digital coupons
Component/Part Identifier (CPID) Components and parts Automobile parts
Global Model Number (GMN) Product model Medical devices, fashion style, window range

Information from GS1 website (GS1 Identification Keys – Standards)

These ID keys are specific, internationally recognized barcodes that allow companies to digitally access correlating supply-chain related information on their product in a quick and efficient manner. This information can in turn be shared with relevant partners, facilitating business communication, and logistical efficiency and accuracy. From shipment information, unit information, geographical location, product type, to component and part type, the GS1 ID keys provide great levels of transparency to customers, suppliers and regulators alike in all logistical stages of a product.

The License illustrates SDK’s ability to meet international standards for business communication, enhancing Season’s supply-chain capabilities. With these ID keys, Season keeps pace with international digital business communication practices and provides customers with greater visibility on supply-chain related processes – a capability that is particularly prudent in current times when business communication is characterized by its fast paced and digital nature, and global supply-chain and logistical processes are under stress.

In response to SDK’s new license, Season China’s General Manager, Mr. George Sinn, commented, “This GS1 certificate allows Season to work further with our clients, for example, to ship products to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) through our China facility. Starting from January 2021, the EAEU requires companies to provide the Global Location Number (GLN), which includes the manufacturing location, of all imported products. It is the right time to get ourselves prepared for supporting our clients who do their business globally.”