Season Group began in Hong Kong in 1975 and has since grown to encompass six locations on three continents. What were the main drivers of your growth and success over these many years?

Without a doubt our focus on relationships with our customers, supply partners and employees has been the number one driver in our growth and success, in the forty-three years since our launch. Season Group, which actually means “Time” and “Trust” in Chinese, believes wholeheartedly that people work with companies and individuals they like, which is why we put so much emphasis on improving the experience for our customers, partners and fellow team members.

Another one of our key drivers to success is innovation. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and we pride ourselves on being at forefront of technology. We have not only invested in our facilities and state of the art equipment, but we have also invested in our people; hiring employees with unique skill sets in order to stay ahead. We’re also constantly studying the market and attending shows and conferences.

Your mission video speaks to some admirable aspirations regarding your employees, your commitment to the communities you serve and your intent to protect the environment. Could you give us some examples of how you have implemented this mission?

Over the years Season Group’s core values have been identified and we wanted to share them externally, not only to highlight our mission, but also to give our partners, customers and potential employees some insight into our company culture…

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