Product Engineer

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage Product NPI including project plan, milestones tracking of design, Q&M and market launch, and tracking of key product metrics.
  • Communicate with marketing/sales/customers to finalize the product specification.
  • Collaborate and communicate with cross-functional team members (e.g., sales, sourcing, purchasing, factories, IP licensing), suppliers and technology partners to successfully launch new products.
  • Responsible for hardware development and quality assurance of hardware function design, performance compliance and product certification.
  • Perform product testing and generate reports for internal evaluation
  • Analyse and evaluate product quality and field performance
  • Create and maintain relevant product documentation: product brochure, manuals and packaging of the brand
  • On-site customer interface and support of integrated products at China or overseas locations.


  • BSc or above in Telecommunication, Information Technology, Engineering, or related disciplines
  • Minimum 3 years working knowledge of product development experience in consumer electronic, wireless products, audio/visual solutions, controller systems or home appliances.
  • Solid hardware development experience in system level hardware design, schematic design, PCB layout/Gerber review, SMT process, device characterization, integrated system verification and debugging.
  • Experience in product/program management and NPI execution.
  • Ability to development products verification procedure, test plans and reliability requirements.
  • Ability to work independently, meet schedule requirement and finalize technical details with overseas customers.
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Fluent English language required to interact with international customers.
  • Willing to commute to Dongguan factory twice a week when required.

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