(Senior) Component Engineer

General Description

  • Oversees the proper selection of components for an electrical or mechanical assembly, or in the design of a new piece of machinery.
  • Coordinate with Engineer to evaluate and resolve all manufacturing issues for various products according to customer standards.

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor, identify and resolve all lifecycle issues and assist various teams to identify appropriate resources and substitutes for components.
  • Analyze and develop solutions to resolve all issues associate with obsolete components and supplies and perform component level tests.
  • Provide product and component lifecycle management support using 3rd party tools.
  • Provide support to material supply chain from initial qualification through material support in production.
  • Review and interpret all component data sheets and evaluate all components for various product applications.
  • Assist to assemble and solder all new components and perform required tests on same.
  • Manage all communication with manufacturers and distributors on all supply components and evaluate all results effectively.
  • Document and provide support to all component activities and perform tests on product releases to ensure qualification of all products.
  • Evaluate all design and perform tests on various devices and ensure compliance to all international electrical emission.
  • Provide support to Engineer to perform component research and participate in component life cycle for all components in various processes.
  • Identifying the best suppliers for each component and maintaining a library of parts for each project or equipment.


  • Over 5 years experience in Component Engineering field.
  • Bachelor Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
  • Ability to diagnose and solve problems in a logical, analytical manner
  • Ability to read circuit schematics and multi-layer PCB layouts in the form of Gerber Files.
  • Ability to use industry standards electronic testing equipment.
  • C, C++, VB programming skill will be advantageous.
  • With costing experience will be advantageous
  • Ability to draft and interpret mechanical and electrical drawing.

Please email your CV to – careers.smm@seasongroup.com 


Posted on 17 Sep 2021