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The STL-200

Thermostat STL-200 is an advanced thermostat for HVAC systems with the latest WiFi and 32-bit MCU. It aims to improve consumer experience in control of home ventilation system. The thermostat is built with embedded WiFi Module and capacitive touch TFT display. It is designed with simple touch User-Interface, SmartEnergy, Energy Reporting, Remote Control Software and Easy Firmware Upgrade.

  • TFT Multi-touch screen
  • 3.5" High Resolution Color Display
  • Intuitive UI Design
  • Wire Connector: R, C, GL, GH, B, Y, W
  • 7-Day Scheduler
  • Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Self-Learning Mode
  • WiFi Support 802.11 b/g/n
  • Remote access/control via PC, Phones or Tablet
  • Online Weather Forecast
  • Heat/Cool System support
Power Source: 24VAC or 12VDC (optional)
Dimension: 91mm x91mm x21mm
Color: White or Black
Remote Control: Anywhere through Web, Tablet, Smartphone or PC

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